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Broaden your knowledge on a specific theme with a bundle of 3 carefully-chosen books. Plus you get three books for the price of two!

Exploring Feminism

Includes 'Ain't I a Woman' by bell hooks, 'Down Girl' by Kate Manne, and 'Beyond the Fragments' by Lynne Segal, Hilary Wainwright and Sheila Rowbotham.

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Exploring Class

Includes 'A Nation of Shopkeepers' by Dan Evans, 'Chav Solidarity' by D Hunter and 'Class Power on Zero Hours' by the AngryWorkers collective.

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Exploring Abolition
Zinn in hand square

Includes 'Abolishing the Police' by Koshka Duff, 'The New Abolitionists' by Howard Zinn, and 'We Do This 'Til We Free Us' by Mariame Kaba.

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Exploring Colonialism
Koram shelves

Includes 'The Black Jacobins' by CLR James, 'War and an Irish Town' by Eamon McCann and 'Uncommon Wealth' by Kojo Koram.

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Exploring Radical History
Jaures hand square

Includes 'Bandits' by Eric Hobsbawm, 'A Socialist History of the French Revolution' by Jean Jaures, and 'The Darker Nations' by Vijay Prashad.

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Exploring Economics
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Includes 'Less is More' by Jason Hickel, 'Doughnut Economics' by Kate Raworth and 'Paint Your Town Red' by Matthew Brown and Rhian E. Jones.

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The yellow books are contemporary writing, the black books are classics. Members can order anything they have missed. If you're not yet a member, check out the options on our join page.

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