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Book cover for The New Abolitionists
March 2024

The New Abolitionists

By Howard Zinn
Foreword by Anthony Arnove
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'Passionately argued, intense, and persuasive' Martin Duberman

'If you want to know what organizing is, what it takes, what the sacrifices are, and why it is so important, this is an excellent book to read' Barbara Smith, author, activist & scholar

'When I read The New Abolitionists, the organizing, the cost, the determined people — it was there. That was a surprise to me for a history book. I was absolutely amazed to have in my hand accountable stories where not only did I recognize the struggle, I could feel it' Bernice Johnson Reagon, SNCC veteran, songtalker, and historian

First published in 1964, this book by pioneering American historian Howard Zinn influenced a generation of political activists struggling for civil rights. It focuses on the successes and failures of those who built the fantastically influential Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). It is considered an indispensable study of the organization, of the 1960s, and of the process of social change.

The Left Book Club edition includes a new Foreword by Zinn's publisher Anthony Arnove. 

Howard Zinn (1922-2010) was a historian, playwright and activist. He wrote the ground-breaking classic 'A People's History of the United States', a brilliant and moving history of the American people from the point of view of those whose stories are usually omitted from the mainstream historical record. It remains one of the top-selling history books of all time.


Originally published by Haymarket

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