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Book cover for A Collective Bargain
August 2023

A Collective Bargain

By Jane McAlevey
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“Incisive, brilliant, combined with trenchant strategic analysis. If we had more organizers like Jane McAlevey, we’d be winning” Van Jones, CNN host

“This empowering book could not be more timely” — Nancy MacLean, author of
 Democracy in Chains

“Jane McAlevey is consumed with one over-arching question: How do we win? In this essential book, she draws on decades of organizing experience to make an overwhelming case that the new face of working-class power is female and fiercely feminist. It’s time to listen up”  — 
Naomi Klein

“Jane McAlevey is a brilliant strategist, rousing organizer, and razor-sharp critic inside the labor movement. Her deeply-informed reporting and analysis is needed more than ever”  — 
Katrina vanden Heuval, The Nation

“Read this book! It’s full of effective strategies for overcoming voter suppression against even the stiffest odds”  — Benjamin Todd Jealous, Former National President and CEO of the NAACP

Jane McAlevey makes the case that unions are a key institution capable of taking effective action against today’s super-rich corporate class. Since the 1930s, corporations have waged a stealthy and ruthless war against the labor movement. And they’ve been winning. Until today. Because, as McAlevey shows, unions are making a comeback. Want to reverse the mounting wealth gap? Put an end to sexual harassment in the workplace? End racial disparities on the job? Negotiate climate justice? Bring back unions.
Jane McAlevey is an organizer, author, and scholar. She is the strikes correspondent at The Nation, has a biweekly advice column on strategy at Jacobin, and is a regular media commentator.

Originally published by Harper Collins

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