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To celebrate Black History Month, we're offering a free copy of our beautiful edition of CLR James's classic The Black Jacobins with every new subscription, until the end of October.

Free CLR James book for Black History Month

'The founding father of African emancipation' – The Times

'Contains some of the finest and most deeply felt polemical writing against slavery and racism ever published' ⁠– Time Out⁠

CLR James's classic The Black Jacobins tells the extraordinary story of how former slave Toussaint Louverture led a successful slave revolt against colonial powers to establish Haiti, the first black republic outside of Africa. We're giving away a free copy this month with every new subscription, including gift subscriptions. Sign up before midnight on 31st to get your free copy.


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‘The aim of the Club is a simple one: it is to help in the terribly urgent struggle for World Peace & a better social & economic order & against Fascism’

– Left Book Club leaflet, 1938

Our book for October

For October we are very excited to be working with our friends at Dog Section Press to bring you Abolishing the Police, an accessible analysis of why we might want to abolish the police, what abolishing them would involve, and how it might be achieved, introducing readers to the rich existing traditions of anti-police theory and practice. The authors engage with concrete alternatives in ways that move beyond the logic of crime and punishment and towards visions of justice that are both social and transformative.

"Amazing ... challenges us to think more deeply about the connections between different systems of exploitation and the role policing plays in enabling them" —Alex Vitale

Our unique editions are beautifully designed and printed on unlaminated board so no plastic is involved in the production of the book.

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‘Terrific and timely. The relaunch of the LBC will open minds and give intellectual ballast to the wave of political change sweeping Britain and beyond’

– Jeremy Corbyn

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