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The Left Book Club was founded in 1936 to oppose war, inequality and fascism. Join us today and help support political education.

Uncommon Wealth

By Kojo Koram

We are so delighted that our book for June is the hugely acclaimed Uncommon Wealth, by Kojo Koram.

A Guardian Book of the Year, it also won the PEN Hessell-Tiltman Prize 2023.

'Rich with fresh insights' Akala

'You can't understand how Britain works today without reading it' Frankie Boyle

'Should be part of the national curriculum' Ellie Mae O'Hagan

Uncommon Wealth is the little-known and shocking history of how Britain treated its former non-white colonies after the end of empire. It is the story of how an interconnected group of British capitalists enabled horrific inequality across the globe, profiting in colonial Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. However, the greed unleashed in this era would boomerang, now leaving many ordinary Britons wondering where their own prosperity has gone. Ranging from Jamaica to Singapore, Ghana to Britain, this is a blistering account of how buried decisions of decades past are ravaging Britain today.

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“The aim of the Left Book Club is a simple one. It is to help in the terribly urgent struggle for world peace and against fascism”

—Victor Gollancz

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Founded by publisher Victor Gollancz in 1936, the original Left Book Club had 57,000 members. It is widely credited with paving the way for Labour’s landslide victory in 1945 and the creation of the welfare state. At least eight members of the 1945 Labour cabinet were Left Book Club authors, including Clement Attlee. Another famous Left Book Club author was George Orwell, as the LBC published the original edition of The Road to Wigan Pier.

Books were printed in their thousands and sent out to members every month via local bookshops.

2015 Relaunch

The Left Book Club relaunch covered in the Guardian

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"Thanks to the Left Book Club – the work that you do is tremendous" – John McDonnell

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