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Become a member and we will send you the best books on radical and progressive politics, direct to your door. By reading and sharing ideas together, we can transform society.

We'd like to reassure all members that books will continue to reach you during the current crisis, and you can now take part in our reading groups online.

How does it work?

Choose between six books a year, or twelve. It's the most affordable way to get the best radical writing.

You will receive:

  • Carefully-selected radical books from a range of publishers
  • Unique paperback editions
  • Access to reading groups. Share your ideas and be part of a growing community
  • Emailed discussion points and articles

All books will continue to be posted during March and April, but please allow a little more time than usual for your book to arrive.

Someone bought me a gift!

Welcome to the club!

Looking for a gift?

When you buy a gift subscription, we send it to you in the form of a voucher, via email.

Your gift will remain a secret! The email voucher is sent to the purchaser, so the recipient won’t know you’ve bought it.

Each voucher contains a unique code, which can be redeemed on the website for a free subscription. Just print out the voucher and put it in a card. Or email it to the recipient directly.

Featured book

'Deeply intelligent ... makes you re-consider the narrative of your own life and reframe the story you tell yourself. Didier Eribon understands how deep the roots of inequality go' Hilary Mantel

Our book for April is a fearlessly personal story of family, memory, identity and time lost. But it is also a sociologist's view of what it means to grow up working class and then leave that class; of inequality and shifting political allegiances in a divided nation. A huge bestseller in France and Germany, Didier Eribon has written the defining memoir of our times.


Join a reading group.

Or start your own.

We are living through unusual times. Normally our reading groups meet in person, but right now that's just not possible. We hope our members can make the most of online tools available to keep discussions and regular contact going. 

For more info about setting up an online reading group, or joining one of our recently launched online discussions, see our reading group page!

With love and solidarity to all of you from the LBC team.

A proud history

The original Left Book Club was started by pioneering British publisher Victor Gollancz in 1936. Mass membership of the club helped turn the tide of public opinion against fascism and bring the 1945 Labour government to power. That government founded the NHS and the welfare state.

Today, we need a Left Book Club for the twenty-first century.

Recent books

News & events

Online Reading Groups

We're very pleased to announce that we will now be hosting many of our reading groups online!

Keep an eye on our social media pages for regular updates.

If you'd like to participate in a meeting, email office@leftbookclub.com and we'll send you a link to join!

We encourage our existing reading groups to host their meetings online using apps such as Zoom. We've created a guide to help you set up, which you can access here. As always, email office@leftbookclub.com if you have any questions!


The Left Book Club is a not-for-profit organisation. We are supported entirely by our membership and patrons. Our aim is to make the best writing on radical politics accessible to as wide an audience as possible. But we can only do this with your support. 

To make a donation please use the following link. This is the website of our charitable patron the Pluto Educational Trust, and all payments can be made with Gift Aid: