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February 2022

Bread and Roses

By Andrea D'Atri
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A passionate journey through the history of feminism by the founder of the Argentinian socialist women's movement Bread and Roses (‘Pan Y Rosas’).

'At a time when women's economic, political and reproductive rights are under attack worldwide, Andrea D'Atri's exhilarating historical survey of the world's great socialist feminist movements brings us the knowledge we need to fight back!'
Wendy Z. Goldman, Paul Mellon Distinguished Professor of History, Carnegie Mellon University

Is it possible to develop a radical socialist feminism that fights for the emancipation of women and of all humankind?

This book is a journey through the history of feminism. Using the concrete struggles of women, the Marxist feminist Andrea D'Atri traces the history of the women's and workers' movement from the French Revolution to Queer Theory. She analyzes the divergent paths feminists have woven for their liberation from oppression and uncovers where they have hit dead ends.

With the global working class made up of a disproportionate number of women, women are central in leading the charge for the next revolution and laying down blueprints for an alternative future. D’Atri makes a fiery plea for dismantling capitalist patriarchy.


Originally published by Pluto Press

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