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Book cover for The Communist Manifesto
November 2018

The Communist Manifesto

By Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Introduction by Jodi Dean
Afterword by David Harvey
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This beautiful edition of Marx and Engels' classic manifesto has an introduction by Jodi Dean and an afterword by David Harvey.

'As a force for change, its influence has been surpassed only by the Bible. As a piece of writing, it is a masterpiece' – Guardian

'Workers of the world, Unite!'

The Communist Manifesto is arguably the world's most influential political manuscript. Surviving through countless decades of revolution and counter-revolution, Marx and Engels' incendiary treatise remains as essential today as it was in 1848: providing a framework for the people's liberation as they struggle against systems of extreme oppression across the globe.

Urgent and well-written, The Communist Manifesto resonates beyond the confines of history and political theory – issuing a call-to-arms in the fight to end crisis-ridden capitalism.



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