January 2021

Socialism or Barbarism

By Rosa Luxemburg
Originally published by Pluto Press

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'Rosa Luxemburg travels into the twenty-first century like a great messenger bird, spanning continents, scanning history, to remind us that our present is not new but a continuation of a long human conflict' Adrienne Rich

This is the best and most comprehensive introduction to the range of Rosa Luxemburg's thought.

Rosa Luxemburg's writings reveal one of the most brilliant and passionate minds drawn to revolutionary socialism. Through her letters, pamphlets and theorising, we see an outstanding social and economic theorist, a dedicated political activist and a devoted confidant.

This books gives an extensive overview of the broad scope of her writing, covering issues including capitalism and socialism, globalisation and imperialism, history, war and peace, social struggles, trade unions, political parties, class, gender, race, and the natural world. There is also an introduction outlining and evaluating her life and thought.