September 2022

Revolution, Democracy, Socialism

By V. I. Lenin
Edited and Introduced by Paul Le Blanc
Originally published by Pluto Press

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'A reminder that what is, need not be, and that what has, seemingly, failed, can be reconstituted anew' Professor Bryan Palmer, Trent University, author of E. P. Thompson: Objections and Oppositions

For the first time this book collects together the key shorter writings of Lenin, to show that Lenin held a life-long commitment to freedom and democracy. With a comprehensive introduction by Paul Le Blanc, it gives a broad overview of Lenin's life and work which explains how his thinking can inform our strategies against the multiple crises of capitalism we face today.

Lenin has been much maligned in the mainstream, accused of 'social engineering of the most radical kind'. However, in contrast to today's world leaders, who happily turn to violence to achieve their objectives, Lenin believed it impossible to reach his goals 'by any other path than that of political democracy'.

An inspiring introduction for anyone interested in engaging with the ideas of one of the 20th century's most important political figures.