Read. Debate. Organise.

Our reading groups are open to everyone. We want people to come together to discuss what they’ve read, in a relaxed and friendly environment which welcomes people from across the left. Whether you are a seasoned activist or new to progressive politics, or whether you haven’t quite decided what you think, come along, have a chat and meet like-minded individuals. By coming together and sharing what we know, we can help turn our ideas into action.

For details about a group near you, email us:

If there isn't a group near you, start your own! We would love to help you. 

Start a reading group and receive a free tote and gift pack

We want to set up as many reading groups as we can. Together we can work with our friends from across the left to create lasting social change through political education. If you would like to start a reading group, get in touch. 

Everyone who starts a reading group will receive a free pack including a book bag, postcards and bookmarks.

Get in touch with us on twitter @leftbookclub or email and we will connect you with other members and help publicise your meetings. Occasionally, we can organise for authors to visit your reading group and talk to your members. If you are interested in setting this up, contact us.