Read. Debate. Organise.

It has been a very difficult few weeks, we hope that all of our members and their loved ones are well and safe. For the time being, we have postponed all of our book clubs and events.

Reading groups lie at the heart of our political project. In times like this, it is crucial that we keep important conversations going and continue to build a sense of solidarity within the LBC community.

We encourage our existing reading groups to host their meetings online using apps such as Zoom. We've created a guide to help you set up, which you can access here. As always, email if you have any questions!

LBC Online Reading Groups

We're pleased to announce that over the next few weeks, the LBC team will be hosting a series of online reading group discussions!

Keep an eye on our social media pages for regular updates.

If you'd like to participate in a meeting, email and we'll send you a link to join!

We will limit each meeting to about twenty participants, so make sure to contact us early if you'd like to join the call. If you miss out on a spot, don't worry! We'll hopefully be organizing these meetings quite frequently.