You can update your card payment information in the Profile area. Login with your username and password and go to the 'My subscription' section of the Profile page. There you have the option to update the card linked to your account.

We do not store your card details on our website. Our website is linked to a payment subscription service.

Yes, you can do this in the Profile area of your account, once you are logged in. Afterwards all books will be sent to that address.

Subscriptions automatically renew. You can cancel them at any time. You can do this by logging in to your account, or you can email us.

Yes. You can change this by logging in to you account and editing your profile preferences. If this involves a change of payment – for instance if you move from a 6-book classics subscription to a 12-book subscription – you will have to go through and edit your payment details also.

Your subscription will begin with the most recently published book in the collection you have chosen. For example, if you subscribe to the contemporary collection in November, and November's book is a classic, you will receive the October book, as that will be the most recently published book in the collection you have chosen.

If you choose to subscribe to all 12 books, you will receive the book that is published in the month you subscribe. (For example, if you subscribe on 31st August, you will receive August's book. If you subscribe on 1st September you will receive September's book).

Left Book Club copies are sent out by standard post. Please ensure that the delivery address you supply is serviced by your local post office reliably. Our delivery times will depend on the destination and the local postal services of that particular country. The below estimated delivery times are a general guide:
• UK: 2-10 working days

• USA: 5-10 working days

• Europe: 5-20 working days

• Canada: 10-20 working days

• Rest of World: up to 30 working days

Unfortunately, the Left Book Club can not guarantee postal delivery to countries where postal services are unreliable. If you are unsure of your postal service and would like to set up a courier delivery for your subscription, please contact us: office@leftbookclub.com.