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Book cover for A Radical History of the World
October 2018

A Radical History of the World

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'One of the finest historians on the left' – John Newsinger, author of The Blood Never Dried: A People's History of the British Empire (2006)

'In a world of deepening danger where reactionary narratives continue to hijack the mainstream, Neil Faulkner makes a powerful and necessary case reminding us of the truly radical history driving human social and political evolution' – Rachel Holmes, author of Eleanor Marx: A Life

History is a weapon. The powerful have their version of events, the people have another. And if we understand how the past was forged, we arm ourselves to change the future.

This is the history of the struggle and revolution of human society: of hominids, hunters and herders; of emperors and slaves; of patriarchs and women; of rich and poor; of dictators and revolutionaries. From the ancient empires of Persia and Rome to the Russian Revolution, the Vietnam War, and the 2008 Crash, this is a history of greed and violence, but also of solidarity and resistance.

Many times in the past, a different society became an absolute necessity. Humans have always struggled to create a better life. This history proves that we, the many, have the power to change the world.

Neil Faulkner (1958-2022) was a historian and archaeologist. His books include A Radical History of the World (2018) which is also available from the Left Book Club.


Originally published by Pluto Press

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